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The home of Tony Demot, I am intrested in game and web development. A freelance web developer based in Leeds. Here you can see my projects and contact me if you would like to work with me.


My name is Tony and I am a programmer. I am a games and web developer at heart.

Below are the technologies I have used.

Technologies I have worked with

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Interests and Achievements

Have a 2:1 from University of Bradford for software development.

I am interested in game development with unity game engine and web development front and back end and have had 4 years of experiance in the industry as a web developer and have worked with a number of web technology, front and back-end.


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Arcane Tails (VR Brawler)

Systems Designer

Arcane Tails is a VR arena brawler that I developed in a team. I worked as systems designer building the character movement, interactions and attacks.

To win make sure you are the last player standing by pushing all the other characters out of the arena.

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Image of a unity scene zooming in and out

Unity 2D Pixel Filter

Created a unity shader for a 2D pixel filter that removes the pixel art jitter without using a pixel perfect camera.

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Image Unity Animation Extractor

Unity Animation Extractor

A unity package that I created that allows you to allow you to exptract animations from a prefab and create and link the animations to an animation controller.

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If you would like me to work with you please contact me through email or via the form below.

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